Godly Men of Valor

Godly Men of Valor is a non-profit men’s conference focused on promoting and equipping men to become leaders in their home. GMV Events are three-day intensive workshops showing physical, spiritual, and soul warfare tactics.




Website Planning, Website Design, Custom WordPress Development, Event Management, Online Donations.

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Steve Gardner

Founder, Godly Men of Valor

The Challenge.

Designing a fully functional website to promote events & generate donations.

Prior to Ariel Digital creating the new website, Godly Men of Valor had a single landing page created by a third party website. Donations were also being handled by a third party and not fully integrated into the user experience.

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The Solution.

Create a fully developed website with engaging user experience.

Ariel Digital worked with the GMV team to create a website that showcased their manliness while also having an engaging look and feel. 

Using event management & donation integration, we created a full experience for GMV attendees.

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